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Seed of Knowledge

December 28, 2007


It is my goal to plant this seed everywhere I go, like a modern day Johnny Appleseed. Not only will I plant these seeds, I will collect them from others I meet along the way.

Have you ever traced your thought process backwards? Dive into your mind and realize what makes it tick and how it ticks. In the very beginning, it starts with a keyword, an idea, a conversation, and leads you through a web of information gathered by your interaction with humans and computers alike. This is how I stumbled upon, it’s an inspiration for mankind to delve into cross-discipline thinking.

I watched a talk on AIDS in Africa, but not like one you would normally see or hear. It was not about an AIDS epidemic and how we can help to stop it. It was not about how just $1 a month can bring condoms to rural communities. Instead it was a cross-discipline look at a health and medical epidemic through an economists eyes. [FLV|480p|15:46]

Watch it if you have the time, it may or may not inspire you. Keep in mind that this is not just about AIDS in Africa, this is about expanding your thinking to multiple platforms.