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The Lows of Human Civilization

December 30, 2007

I’m sure some of you have seen the videos: 2 Girls 1 Cup, BME Pain Olympics, and Mr. Hands. While the world is celebrating human achievement, part of the internet world is indulging in their insatiable thirst for the metaphorical “train wreck”. Entertainment is no longer spoon-fed to you by a global media conglomerate. Entertainment is user generated by anyone in the world and has no boundaries.

I’ll give you the premise of each video and you decide if you want to watch it, you simply have to search the titles “2Girls1Cup”, “BME Pain Olympic” or “Mr. Hands” on Google to find a link to the video. Be warned, NSFW.

===Here is where you decide whether or not to keep reading, my suggestion is NOT to.===

“2Girls1Cup” is an erotic story about two girls who enjoy kissing each other, and poop in a cup.

“BME Pain Olympics” if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it unless you saw for yourself. Two guys self-circumcising but they forget to stop at the foreskin. You never thought you’d get to see that in your lifetime. Am I right?

“Mr. Hands” is a look into the world of horse sexuality. Horses will hump anything with a hole.

These videos got me thinking, what possesses these people to do this? What happened in their life that led them to the apex of their existence. These are the videos they will be remembered for the rest of eternity. The motivation for 2 Girls 1 Cup must be money, the master of all. That conversation you have had with your best friend, “Would you eat your own shit for a million dollars?” has been answered. Because when times are bad and the money is slim, eating your own shit seems like your only way out. Only you discover it’s like digging a 10-foot hole, you end up in it.

I was told BME stood for “Body Mutilation Erotica” which seemed for fitting than what it actually stands for, “Body Modification Ezine”. How do you know that self induced penectomy and castration really turns you on? What if you regret it later on? These are the questions irrational people never ask themselves. But I guess it’s the same thing for transexuals, except they have medically certified doctors complete the removal.

Lastly, Mr. Hands. Bestiality has been around since humans can fuck. So I’m sure this isn’t the first time this has happened, just the first time on film to a widespread audience. I want you to imagine a penis the size of your fist down to your elbow. Then imagine stuffing that into a hole the size of, well, your anus.

To each their own.